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Confidentiality Policy For In Hand Community Care (IHCC)

This Statement applies to the IHCC website. Many people are concerned about how their personal information will be used. We are sure our users will be having same concerns confidentiality. The following policy is about Confidentiality which will provide a clear picture on how personal information is stored, distributed, collected and protected by IHCC. IHCC who is maintaining confidential information from those who are looking for care at their own home and for the recruitment purpose with IHCC. We don`t access and retain anyone's political, religious, ethnic and sexual preferences. IHCC is registered with ICO (Information Commissioners Office) under the Data Protection Act 1998, so personal information may be shared within our organisation where it will be used only for the purpose, because you gave us consent otherwise all rest of Data will remain for the Company use. We never disclose any single information about anyone, even staff / customers unless required by your designated person (lawyer, Next of Kin, Advocate, etc) authorised by law or you in written. - In Hand Care Services Ltd is committed to keep the data secure with the assistance of ICO.


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